Strategic Intelligence Analysis in a Complex World

A Seminar for Senior Intelligence Officers

This seminar explores the question—"How might intelligence analysts use insights from complex systems research to better understand the strategic landscape; to develop greater insight about the present and foresight about the future?" It provides participants with new concepts, tools and a set of questions that can be used to make sense of and respond to a wide-range of complex issues and emerging situations. It is based on the premise that complexity science provides a powerful new theory-driven, sense-making framework for intelligence analysis, foresight and early warning. Insights from complexity science can be used to reduce analytic cycle time or the time needed to understand and respond to subtle changes, critical questions and situations where information is incomplete or just emerging.

What Intelligence Analysts are Saying about this Seminar

"The framework for dissecting/considering issues was very helpful. Don’t think the IC does this outside of this type of seminar."

"This seminar showed me how to apply complexity concepts developed for ‘hard science’ to social analytic issues."

"The FutureScape® exercise on Iran quickly helped us identify new issues and options; moved us beyond conventional IC thinking and provided new insights, and demonstrated the value of incorporating multiple perspectives/different ways of seeing a situation."

"Seeing how to integrate synthesis and analysis, creative and critical thinking and the use of visual thinking exercises and tools is key. This seminar should be required for analysts at all levels."

Our Strategic Thinking Seminars can be adapted to work well with:

  • Executive or leadership development programs
  • Corporate university curricula
  • Change management initiatives
  • New product development sessions
  • Masters or Doctoral level education programs, including online courses